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Delicious Golden Maple Syrup.

Morning Maple is naturally harvested from the maple tree forests of Croghan, in Lewis County of upstate New York. Just near the Canadian border, and home of the International Maple Museum. The trees and the seasonal timing produce the highest of the recognized tier grades: Fancy Golden Maple Syrup.

We are happy to pass this great harvest on to you, the consumer, or the merchant. Please contact us so we may arrange delivering our fine syrup to you, the satisfied customer, or the happy client.

Morning Maple syrup pouring

We bring you the finest American maple syrup.

Paul Steria, Syrup Harvester

Morning Maple Top Tier
Golden Maple Syrup

Morning Maple syrup comes from the best maple syrup region in the United States. Our maple syrup is a family tradition from the maple forests of upstate New York. Our syrup is available in 1.5 oz. gift bottles, 8.5 oz. table size bottles, and 32 oz. family size bottles. We supply to store outlets and private parties in bulk quantities of these bottle sizes.

Quality maple syrup starts with quality maple trees.

Paul Steria, Syrup Harvester

Discover a better tasting world.

Discover the uses for our quality maple syrup. In the household, restaurant, or food industry, Morning Maple adds savory maple taste that contributes to your delicious quality servings.

As a syrup topping

Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, Cooked Sweet Potatoes, drizzle over Ice Cream, over Bacon, stirred into Sour Cream


Maple Scones, Shoo Fly Pie, Roasted Squash, Maple.Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Baked Beans, over Hot Cereal.


Glycemic Index of 54 means better than sugar or honey, and it doesn't denature under heat. Manganese and Zinc, Clean Energy.

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Maple Creme

Tasty Spread, Muffins, Pretzel Dip, Maple Creme Liqueur, Frosting, Carrot Glaze, Cream Puff filling, with Dijon Mustard.

Mixed Drinks

Old Fashion, Maple Hot Spiced Toddy, Maple Syrup Milkshake, Halloween Express, Hot Milk with Maple .

Candies & Confections

Pure Maple Candy, Maple Sugar, Maple Nougat, Maple Cookies, Maple on Snow, Maple Drops, Maple Walnut Fudge, Maple Bars.

We proudly share our maple roots with the Croghan, NY International Maple Museum

Paul Steria, Syrup Harvester